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Air Tahiti Flight Booking & Deals - Skyinfly

French Polynesia, where Air Tahiti is based, is a French overseas territory. International Airport in Faa'a serves as its major hub. It is French Polynesia's biggest private employer. Jean Arbelot and Marcel Lasserre established the business in July 1950, employing a 7-seat seaplane to fly between Papeete, Raiatea, and Bora Bora.

When you wish to make your Air Tahiti flight booking, you can refer to this article by SkyinFly, as it consists of information not limited to Air Tahiti flight reservations but also flight changes, cancellations, and refund policies.

Things to consider before booking an Air Tahiti flight

  • Your whole name This must match what is written on your passport (in case the name differs on your Air Tahiti flight booking, you may be refused at check-in with no compensation).
  • a contact phone number on the island from which you are departing as well as on each island you will be visiting. If there are any changes to your Air Tahiti flight booking, we will be able to get in touch with you before or during your trip to let you know.
  • your mobile phone number and email address so that we can automatically contact you if your flight plans change.
  • The names of the lodging establishments you'll be using
  • the ages of any kids you're taking along. A special belt and life jacket are available for infants.
  • Information on international flights, including airline, flight number, dates, and arrival and departure times in French Polynesia
  • connections, whether they involve Air Tahiti flight bookings or other modes of transportation.
  • any requirements for further help (wheelchair, second seat, a child travelling alone, etc.).

The process of Air Tahiti flight booking online

  • Open your preferred browser and then visit www.airtahiti.com.
  • Choose the "Book a flight" option, and then fill in the details as per the guidance provided above.
  • Click on "Book" to continue. The next page will have all the available Air Tahiti flights.
  • Select the flight that best suits your travel plans.
  • Make the payment for your Air Tahiti flight booking to be done with the process.
  • You will receive an email containing the confirmation information.
  • This is to be noted, and you should keep your booking reference number noted down for future reference.

Things you can do with the "Manage Booking" option

  • Check the status of your Air Tahiti reservation.
  • Get your ticket printed.
  • Add details to your ticket or buy additional services.
  • Modify or cancel your Air Tahiti flight reservation.
The process to change the Air Tahiti Flight Bookings
  • Open your preferred browser and then visit www.airtahiti.com.
  • Choose the "Book and Manage" option, and then you will be redirected to the "View my booking" page.
  • Enter your family name and the booking reference number, and then click on "Search."
  • You will be shown your Air Tahiti flight booking; on which you can make the desired changes.
  • After making the payment for the flight changes (if any), your Air Tahiti flight change process will be complete.
  • You will receive an email confirmation of this.
Air Tahiti cancellation policy
  • If you requested a hold on your Air Tahiti flight booking and the ticket is not paid for up to 72 hours before departure, the airline will cancel your reservation for free.
  • Removing trip segments, if unused, are valid for travel up to one year from the date of cancellation.
  • Flight booking cancellation by Air Tahiti does not apply to flights operated by partner or codeshare airlines.
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