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United Airlines Flight Booking & Reservations - Skyinfly

When we talk about good airlines, United Airlines definitely comes to our mind. It is one of the oldest and largest airlines in the world and is headquartered in Chicago, USA. United Airlines was founded in 1926 and is a member of the prestigious Star Alliance. It has eight major hubs spread all over the USA. It operates scheduled flights to more than 340 destinations across different domestic and international routes. United Airlines is one of the largest airlines in terms of fleet size, with more than 800 aircraft. There is no comparison to United Airlines when it comes to customer service and world-class in-flight facilities. It has a loyal customer base from every part of the world. People do United Airlines Flight booking for both short and long routes. So, you can also enjoy a superlative flying experience by travelling with United Airlines. Customers planning a vacation or business trip soon can get the best United Airlines flight booking deals on SKYINFLY.

How to Book a United Airlines Flight

So, you may like to know how to do a United Airlines flight booking on SKYINFLY. You can easily book online flight tickets on our website and get the best flight deals. The flight booking process is simpler, affordable, and more time-efficient than visiting an airport kiosk. Due to our long-standing relationship with United Airlines, you can have the best United Airlines flight booking deals on SSKYINFLY. Customers can follow the below steps United Airlines flight booking.

  • Go to our website, www.skyinfly.com, from any browser.
  • On the top, you will find the flight booking panel.
  • Select the type of trip you would like to book.
  • Enter your departure and destination airport names.
  • Provide other details like the travel date, number of passengers, etc. 
  • Then click on the Search flight button.
  • You will find a list of available flights matching your travel requirements.
  • Search for United Airlines flights from the list.
  • Compare prices and select the best option.
  • Now enter additional details of passengers.
  • Make an online payment to complete the booking process.

We provide the best United Airlines flight options for our customers. You don’t need to use any coupons or vouchers to avail these deals and offers.

United Airlines Manage Reservations

You can visit the official website of United Airlines and go to the "manage booking" section. Then you have to furnish the flight booking reference number and last name to access the United Airlines Manage Booking services. Customers can do the following things with the help of United Airlines Manage Booking

  • A United Airlines flight cancellation
  • Request a refund and check the refund status.
  • Change the customer's name on the flight ticket.
  • Change the United Airlines flight date.
  • Book a special or additional meal with your ticket.
  • Check the flight status and schedule.
  • Book additional baggage with the flight ticket.
  • Request that the airline provide you with any special services or assistance.
  • Book travel insurance or resolve travel document-related issues.
  • Complete your web check-in process.

You can also contact United Airlines' customer support for any help managing your flight booking. There is an expert and dedicated support team available to help customers with any issue or query instantly. You can access the customer support center through a toll-free phone number, email, or live chat.

United Airlines Baggage Policy

United Airlines offers the best and most flexible baggage allowances for its customers. The United Airlines baggage policy depends upon the travel class and destination. Generally, the airline allows one carry-on bag and one personal item per ticket free of charge. However, all the items should meet the weight and size conditions as specified by the airline. With the basic economy ticket, customers are normally allowed to carry only one personal item. The standard dimension of checked-in baggage is 62 inches. The maximum weight of the checked-in baggage depends upon the flight class and some other factors. You can also calculate the excess baggage charges on United Airlines’ flights by visiting the official website. 

Travel Classes

United Airlines provides different seating options or travel classes to its passengers. While travelling with United Airlines, you can choose between Economy, Premium Economy, Business, and First-Class ticket fares. With United Airlines, you can experience better legroom and amenities like recliner seats, video players, adjustable reading lamps, etc. with premium travel classes. You can also modify or upgrade your travel class after making a flight reservation.

Online Check-in

If you are travelling by United Airlines, you can easily do an online check-in from the airline's website. Online check-in or web check-in is available within 24 hours of flight departure time. However, it may vary according to the flight routes and airport. The online check-in with United Airlines is very easy and simple. You need to provide your flight booking reference number and last name to complete the web check-in process on the website. If you have any issues with online check-in, you can contact the United Airlines customer service number.

Additional Services

There are many additional services that passengers can experience with United Airlines. United Airlines has the best in-flight entertainment system. You can enjoy movies, music videos, TV programs, and games with United Airlines. The airline also provides free Wi-Fi to its passengers. On long and international routes, travelers can shop for items like cosmetics, perfumes, etc. in the duty-free onboard boutiques. Passengers can also try long-haul international cabin dining on these flights. The airline serves world-class cuisine and drinks to its customers. United Airlines also has a frequent flyer programmer called Mileage Plus for passengers travelling in certain cabin classes.

United Airlines Infant Policy
  • Children under the age of 2 (24 months) do not need their own chairs. However, you must notify United Airlines ahead of time that you will be travelling with a baby on your lap.
  • Each adult on United flights is only allowed to have one lap child. A seat must be purchased for each extra infant under the age of two when one adult is travelling with more than a baby under the age of two.
  • If you have the right child restraint system, you can also decide to buy a seat for your infant.
  • To travel with a child on their lap, a traveler needs to be at least 18 years old.
  • The United Airlines Infant Policy permits a parent or legal guardian to carry a child under the age of two on their lap for no additional cost.
  • When travelling internationally for more than 6 hours, the airline recommends purchasing a seat for the infant and using an authorized child safety seat.
  • Additionally, a limited amount of bassinets is available on some international flights for newborns under the age of two, on a first-come, first-served basis. If a separate seat is purchased for the infant, they will need to have their own ticket, and the corresponding fee will be charged.
United Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy
  • On nonstop United and United Express flights, there is a United Unaccompanied Minors policy available. The aforementioned service is not available on codeshare or interline flights.
  • The unaccompanied travel policy of United Airlines for minors would not apply to any connecting flights.
  • Even if they are travelling on the same flight as the eligible unaccompanied minor child, children under the age of 5 cannot travel alone.
  • Young adults between the ages of 15 and 17 may fly unaccompanied or make use of United Airlines' Unaccompanied Minor Policy on any United or United Express aircraft.
  • For every two minors travelling unaccompanied, a cost of $150 USD will be assessed.

United Airlines name change policy

You must submit the required paperwork to support your name modification claim in accordance with the United Airlines name correction policy. However, you can do so without submitting any papers if you only need to make straightforward corrections. These are what they are:

  • Modifying your name to or from a nickname, correcting or changing the prefix or title, deleting or adding the initial or middle name, and switching the last and first names are just a few examples of name changes.
  • You can ask for larger revisions to your name that resulted from the marriage, porce, or any other circumstance in addition to making minor changes or corrections. Although you must make your request in writing and enclose one of the following papers with it in compliance with the policy for names that are misspelt on United Airlines tickets,
  • The porce judgment; the marriage certificate or license; the legal documentation proving the request for a name change; and any government-issued identification that both bears the old and the new name

What does the United Airlines cancellation policy state?

  • Reservations booked through the United Airlines website, at a United reservation kiosk, or by phone are subject to the airline's cancellation policy.
  • When you placed your reservation, the 24-hour period began under the United Airlines Cancellation Policy.
  • You will be charged a $200 United Airlines cancellation fee if you have a refundable fare and your travel date is much more than seven days from the date of purchase. The 24-hour window begins when the ticket number is produced.
  • PNRs with more than nine passengers are not subject to the 24-hour cancellation period.
  • The United Airlines Cancellation Policy is not applicable to flight bookings bought with digital certificates; instead, a group contract would apply.
  • You can change your United Award flight for no additional cost up to 24 hours after making your reservation. There will thus be a $75 cancellation charge levied by United Airlines.

What is the United Airlines Refund Policy?

  • You are eligible for a complete refund if you request a trip cancellation within 24 hours of placing your purchase.
  • In accordance with United Airlines' refund policy, you can cancel your flight and submit a refund request online through the "My Trip" area.
  • For cancellations made before the departure time, there is a cancellation fee for all non-refundable rates. The remaining amount will be granted as a travel credit for travel on the selected dates. The mentioned reward coupon is still valid for a full year after the booking date.
  • Requests for credit card refunds will be processed in seven business days. All other refund claims will take 20 working days to process.
  • You will get your money via the original method of payment in 7 to 10 business days, in compliance with United Airlines' refund policy.
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