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What to Expect When You Fly During Covid-19

What to Expect When You Fly During Covid-19

Traveling by flight is always a fascination for all of us, especially when we were kids. However, during this pandemic, along with everything, air traveling is also halted. During the peak of covid, almost 95% flight cut happened in some countries. Many people avoid traveling completely due to the fear of covid. Many people who also need to travel for any reason could not do it because of the restrictions. There are still so many confusions related to flying during covid-19. In then section, we are going to talk about what to expect when you fly during covid-19. 

Many of us flew last time was before covid. So, there are natural questions related to flying during covid. What airlines are doing during the covid pandemic? What are the measures we can take for safe flying? What are the Government guidelines we shall follow while flying? What should I expect while flying in 2022 and so on? 

In order to help air travelers, we have noted down certain points as below that you can expect when you fly during covid.

Keeping Middle Seat Block  

While traveling by flight, nobody prefers the middle seat. However, during the pandemic, an empty middle seat becomes the new normal. Social distancing is one of the important things to do to avoid covid infection. Therefore, airlines have blocked the middle seat for booking to reduce transmission. Airlines maintained this protocol even though they have high-frequency transmission air. In order to avoid any issue, you shall prebook your seat while booking flight tickets. Airlines may maintain this guideline throughout the pandemic to keep the passengers safe. 

Web Check-in and contactless boarding

Web check-in and contact-less boarding are implemented by almost all airlines during the pandemic. Though these concepts are around for a long time but this pandemic has really compelled airlines to apply them properly. Contactless check-in boarding means, you can do web check-in and boarding without any contact to any person or kiosk. You can also submit your checked-in baggage without any physical contact. This has made the check-in and boarding process really simple and safe for passengers. Airlines are also providing complete virtual support to passengers with the check-in and boarding process.  

Airline Sanitization: Sanitizing the airline after every flight becomes a norm in the airline industry. Now airlines are very particular about the cleaning and sanitization process. They properly sanitize seats, utensils, headrests, blankets, in fact the whole airplane after each flight. Some of the airlines are also using the best quality disinfectant to do fogging and also UV light for sanitization. The passengers are also given wipes for cleaning the seats before using. In this pandemic, we can keep seeing these sanitization standards for a long time  

Vaccine Certificate: Since vaccination has started with full force in many countries, it may become mandatory for flying. Vaccination is the biggest protection we may have against the coronavirus. In that scenario, it is important that each and every one becomes vaccinated as soon as possible. So, many countries have made it compulsory for foreigners to get fully vaccinated before entering their countries. Airlines may check your vaccine certificate before allowing you on the flight.

Minimize Onboard Services: In order to maintain social distancing, many airlines have reduced their on-board services and duty-free items. Airlines have kept now limited choices of foods and drinks for the passengers. Some airlines offered pre-booked package meals only. Where some of them were also completely removed on board services temporarily. So, depending upon the airlines and routes, the onboard services are curbed in this pandemic.  

Protection Gear for Employees: Airline employees work in a high-risk zone. Therefore, each airline has provided complete protection gear like masks, hand sanitizer, or even PPE suits to the employees. Apart from that every counter and workplace are properly cleaned and sanitized regularly. 

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