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How to Plan a Trip to Tahiti: The Ultimate Tahiti Vacation Packages Guide

How to Plan a Trip to Tahiti: The Ultimate Tahiti Vacation Packages Guide

When you scroll down the social media and see numerous people having a wonderful vacation in these amazing places, it won’t be too long before you stumble upon the pictures from Tahiti. The ultimate natural splendors consist of picturesque black sand beaches, thick forests, and countless places to visit. When you book your Tahiti vacation packages with us and decide to come to French Polynesia, you get an incredible experience in this sliver of heaven. When you will be bartering your way around the native markets, taste the delicate cuisine, Poisson Cru, consisting of fresh vegetables, fish, and coconut milk with lime juice. You get everything with your Tahiti vacation packages: beaches, pacifying parks, and waterfalls.

Plan a Trip to Tahiti Vacation

A plethora of attractions are offered when you are visiting Tahiti. But how to start planning your trip to Tahiti, you ask? Well, you can reach out to us any time of the day, and we will help you find amazing discounts on your vacation packages. You just have to contact us and the eclectic range of vacation packages will help you weigh and compare the deals so that you can choose the best one for yourself. After you book your Tahiti vacation packages, you can go surfing or snorkelling at Papeeno Beach, enjoy the peachy-white beach at La Pelage de Maui, or tour the island by boat. Along with that, you can get a scenic view at Bougainville Park.

What is the Best Time to Visit Tahiti?

French Polynesia, a.k.a., Tahiti, is renowned for its tropical climate with warm weather all year-round with an occasional short season of "rain". The months that see the hottest weather are from December to March, with temperatures averaging 83° Fahrenheit (28° Celsius). These months witness more rain than other months. Except for the Christmas-New Year time, you will see smaller crowds and it is a great time to book Tahiti vacation packages.

The coldest months are seen from June to August, with temperatures averaging 79° Fahrenheit (26° Celsius). The safest bet is to tag these months as the optimal weather, as they have the least rain. This is also why it is considered the peak season to visit Tahiti, with a lot of crowds and fewer chances of getting cheap flights.

How can I fly to Tahiti?

The optimal way to get to Tahiti from the United States of America is to take a direct flight from LA or San Francisco. As of now, if you choose to fly with Air Tahiti Nui, it will take you less than 7 hours to fly.

It is to be noted that many people have this perception that you can just take a flight to Bora Bora and the other islands of French Polynesia directly from the mainland USA. However, this is not correct, as all flights must pass through Faa’a International Airport on the island of Tahiti from the United States before going on to visit the other islands.

Where Should You Stay in Tahiti?

There are multiple choices when you think of the places to stay in Tahiti. When you book your Tahiti vacation packages, you can select from the following marvelous places for accommodation:

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