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Book Cheap Flights to Chicago - Skyinfly

A metropolis that offers the world incredible skyscrapers, Chicago is home to more than just tall, picturesque structures. You can dine at famous restaurants, visit world-renowned museums, be amazed by 77 vibrant, perse neighborhoods, be enticed by over 300 parks, and see numerous structures designed by some of the world's most celebrated architects.

All of these wonderful factors come into effect when one thinks of flying off to Chicago, be it for a couple of weeks or as an immigrant. But one thought always looms over the mind: can I go there by spending less? The answer to this is: Yes, you can! And SKYINFLY will assist you with all the relevant information to get cheap flights to Chicago.

When Is the Optimal Time to Get Cheap Flights to Chicago?

In order to get information about cheap flights to Chicago, you should be aware of the appropriate time to visit the city. As such, it is a city that offers both big-city culture and nature-breathing neighborhoods. The desire to get cheap flights to Chicago should compel you to be acquainted with peak season and off-peak season. 

Peak season:

The Windy City is popularly visited by the masses during the summer, from June through August, despite these months bringing in the humidity and heat from the lake. At the same time, Chicago has its peak festival season. Major events take place in the parks and neighborhoods, and there’s an increase in the price of flights to Chicago.

In mid-July, the Taste of Chicago festival is held, so if you’re a foodie and love to try out delicacies from different regions, you should book a flight to Chicago at this time. It may be costly, but the experience might be heavenly if your love begins with the belly.

Off-peak season

The months from January to March allow Chicago to breathe a little, which leads to cheap flights to Chicago. Although Chicago lives up to its pseudo name when it’s tagged as the "Windy City", freezing temperatures and heavy winds will provide a small window for you to go and visit famous places in the city. As a result, during the less busy season, the chances of finding cheap flights to Chicago increase.

When is the best time to fly to Chicago?

The days before you book your flight to Chicago play a vital role in affecting your ticket prices. The best chance to get cheap flights to Chicago is if you book 20 days prior to your trip. It is highly likely for the ticket fares to increase a fortnight or so before your departure date.

The day of the week you book your flight can also vary the cost of your reservation. It is observed that booking a flight to Chicago on Friday has a higher chance of getting a cheaper flight ticket as compared to other days of the week.

FAQs about Cheap Flights to Chicago

What is the name of Chicago's airport?

Chicago has numerous airports, but most travelers prefer O’Hare Intl Airport (ORD) and Midway Intl Airport (MDW).

How far is O'Hare Airport located from central Chicago?

The distance between O’Hare Airport and downtown Chicago is tenaciously long. You’ll need to travel 26 kilometers before you can check in to your hotel.

How many non-stop flights fly to Chicago every week?

Planning a memorable Chicago getaway is remarkably convenient when there are 8820 non-stop flights every week to get you there.

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