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There's a reason it's known as "Almost Heaven." In wild and lovely West Virginia, there is a wealth of natural beauty to discover, including mountains, forests, valleys, rivers, and farmlands. Discover dozens of state parks that provide activities like geocaching, camping, climbing, water sports, and more.

When you book cheap flights to West Virginia with us, you are guaranteed to benefit from the experiences this location has to offer once you arrive for your vacation.

What are the Popular Destinations in West Virginia?

There are several state parks in West Virginia that you can visit to discover the state's eight distinct regions. National parks, picturesque rivers, trails, heritage sites, and recreational spots can all be found in West Virginia. The Appalachian Trail can be hiked, the Gauley River can be ridden down, and the New River Gorge offers breathtaking views. You will surely spend some time in the mountains and enjoy the environment if you take a cheap trip to West Virginia. Natural wonders in West Virginia are undoubtedly one of the best attractions in the state.

In the state, there are more than 400 prehistoric mounds, including the Grave Creek Mound, Indian Mound, and Criel Mound. Although Romney and Shepherdstown, the two oldest communities inside the state's borders, were founded in 1762, West Virginia broke away from Virginia in 1863 during the Civil War.

When is the Right Time to Get Cheap Flights to West Virginia?

Peak season:

The favourable season, which lasts from March to October, is when most tourists travel. 75 degrees is the average temperature.

During the busiest vacation season, visitors should reserve their hotel rooms and airline tickets to West Virginia well in advance. Since West Virginia is a popular vacation spot for many Northeastern tourists, cheap flights and hotel rooms will go quickly.


The off-season runs from November through January, when there is somewhat uncomfortable weather. Low fares lure many travellers out during this time because the weather is not extreme and the temperatures are at their highest.

If you choose a trip in the morning, you can find numerous cheap flights to West Virginia. The cost of a flight to West Virginia at midday will probably be higher.

How Many Airlines Directly Fly to West Virginia?

Much like the majority of travelers, you hate having to change flights at connecting airports and prefer to always take direct flights because you are aware of how much more practical and economical, they are. You won't have to waste time in the exchange airport and you won't have to worry about missing your connecting flight.

With us, you can get numerous direct flights that go to West Virginia. Amazing flight discounts are available for West Virginia. As of now, Delta Airlines, Southern Airways Express, American Airlines, United Airlines, and many other airlines provide direct cheap flights to West Virginia.

FAQs about cheap flights to West Virginia

What is the price of a flight to West Virginia?

Seattle to San Juan is the most popular route, and round-trip tickets typically cost $216.

Do I need a passport or visa to enter West Virginia?

No passport or visa is required for U.S. residents coming to Greenbrier Valley, West Virginia. However, you must have a current, legally-issued photo ID with you when you fly, so make sure to pack your passport or driver's license.

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