Tips for travel
Travel with children

Does Skyinfly have family trips?

Skyinfly has a great offer for families traveling with children, there’s a minimum age is fixed for children to travel. Children will be provided with activities that suit them and they can enjoy them well. Skyinfly is a Hongkong based airline that believes that traveling makes us free and all need to enjoy it. Kids are always excited about the trip so let them enjoy it.

Travel with group Who are Skyinfly travelers?

Skyinfly travelers either travel solo or in a group, Skyinfly believe in customer satisfaction. The people who like traveling to adventurous places and like to enjoy with family and friends.

How many people can travel with me on a trip?

It’s better to come in a small package, that’s the reason skyinfly keeps group sizes low. On most, you can travel with a group of 12-16people. The group sizes may be an average of 10people. Small is considered to be flexible.

Is there any age restriction on the trip?

For the most trip, the minimum age is 15, younger children can also join the group to explore the adventure. On most of our trips, there’s no age limit, but it’s needed to fill a self-assessment form for all the passengers of the age group above 70years and above.

Do group leader is important?

Appointing someone as a group leader is a better idea, you may look at the group discount and avail this. Workout on a budget before you leave. Book restaurants in advance. Download some travel apps and remain in touch with each other.

Solo traveling

Is this fine to travel alone?

Yes, traveling alone needs more courage and you have decided. Traveling alone is a beauty by skyinfly to meet new people and share experience with the people of the same mind, who like to travel solo.

Do people who travel solo need to pay the single supplement charge?

Solo travelers are usually paired with another passenger of the same gender according to passport information. If someone isn’t comfortable with the other one of the same genders, then have to pay for a single supplement.

Does a person with a disability can join Skyinfly?

Skyinfly believes in customer comfort and satisfaction, we believe in travel more and easily accessible to all rather than ability and disability.

Do Skyinfly trips are suitable for LGBTQI travelers?

Everyone needed to be comfortable while traveling with Skyinfly. It should be kept in mind by the traveler that there are certain laws and certain destinations that discriminate against LGBTQI.

Skyinfly pair up a solo traveler with people of the same gender so no worry about the traveling.

A dietary requirement like food and drinks

What food should I choose for my trip?

Food is one of the exciting things that makes mood good on travel. Special food makes our travel better. Adventure is nothing without food. You may avail tasty food at a good fare with our services on Skyinfly.

Before Departure
Insurance on trip
Travelling Insurance

Insurance is important when you are traveling Internationally. Medical expenses are to be recovered by this. In case of any accident, you can easily get the travel insurance benefit in case of injury during your travel.

Safety and medical information What if I am unable to continue my trip due to poor health

We have trained our leaders to deal with a situation like this. If someone leaves earlier due to illness, officers are there to provide proper medical care. We will help you to move your home safely.

Flight change and cancellation

Whenever wanted to cancel our trip but we know that sometimes things like this happen. To get more information about flight change and cancellation, refund and credit, visit a website.

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