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Get Cheap Deals on Fort Lauderdale Vacation Packages

One of the most popular holiday destinations in Florida, Fort Lauderdale has 600 hotels, 150 nightclubs, and over 4,000 restaurants for you to choose from. At Port Everglades, 46 cruise ships await docking for tourists throughout the year.

What makes Fort Lauderdale a fantastic vacation spot is that it is affordable compared to similar vacation spots offering similar amenities. So, stuff your bags and book cheap Fort Lauderdale vacation packages to have a memorable vacation at one of the most amazing beach destinations. Also, did we mention that Fort Lauderdale is nicknamed the "Venice of America" for its 165 miles of waterways and canals? Hurry up already.

Why should you book Fort Lauderdale vacation packages?

A city custom-made for romantics looking to relish their bond, it offers cruise tours, beautiful beaches, mouth-watering seafood delicacies, and art exhibitions that make way for an unforgettable vacation. We understand that you would want to have a tour that is pocket-friendly, so we at SKYINFLY provide you with cheap Fort Lauderdale vacation packages so that you have a wonderful vacation and never sweat while you check your bank account.

At the heart of South Florida’s Gold Coast, the city, with its balmy beaches, watersports, and all-year-round activities, appeals to tourists of all ages. Tourists can also enjoy musicals, theatre productions, and comedy shows at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts and explore the endangered wildlife at the Everglades National Park. Backpackers also like to camp and canoe in the park.

When you have the cheap Fort Lauderdale vacation packages ready before your trip, you may also want to know about the shopping ventures where the air wreaks of bargains and quality products and souvenirs. In Fort Lauderdale, you can shop in the air-conditioned Galleria Mall, be in the varied Festival Flea Market Mall, or traverse the Swap Shop that hosts drive-in movies after sunset.

Home to quality museums and gardens, Fort Lauderdale’s Museum of Discovery and Science can be a treat for family outings that offer ample exhibits and an IMAX theater.

If you go to Fort Lauderdale and do not visit one of the longest established botanical gardens in South Florida, the Flamingo Gardens, then you would be robbing yourself of an experience. Another tourist-preferred site is Butterfly World, which allows you to roam about and observe more than 80 species of butterflies in breathtaking tropical rainforest gardens.

The optimal time to book cheap Fort Lauderdale vacation packages

When you want to avail of the most savings and look for cheap Fort Lauderdale vacation packages, you should take into consideration the factors that affect the pricing of the vacation packages, namely, seasons!

The peak season of any city is often considered the best season to visit. However, it may not be true all the time, like in Fort Lauderdale, where the most popular time to visit is from November to April, when the temperature is comparatively lower than the rest of the year. If you visit here on the first weekend of April, you will witness the renowned Tortuga Beach Music Festival. But it doesn’t mean that visiting in the off-season might ruin your trip. No way! You can have the best of times as you will expect fewer crowds and the chances of getting cheap Fort Lauderdale vacation packages increase tenfold. The cheapest time to travel is during the wet season, from May to October. It is advised that if you are travelling in the summer, you should pack light clothing and an ample amount of sunscreen.

Delicacy for Fort Lauderdale (FL) 

Apart from souvenirs, clothing, and lots of pictures, one thing that can make any trip memorable is the food! The aftertaste can sometimes be so great that the mere delicacy could draw you back to the place for your next vacation.

Fort Lauderdale has some of the best restaurants in Florida that also provide eclectic cuisine. The city with the pseudo name of "spring break haven" has much more to offer than mere beaches and spots for family outings. As the city has a perse population, the delicacies developed here have hues from varied cultures and regions. Of course, you will have a tough time choosing what to order, but it will be a "chef’s kiss" for sure.

Tourists’ favourite dining places include Mini Pita, Dolce Salato Pizza & Gelato, and Premiere Café. A few food connoisseurs also suggest trying out the Italian-influenced La Dolce Vita and the Spanish-inspired Café Seville.

Those who are keen on trying out breweries should check out the German-style Khoffner Brewery, which is a great place for beer lovers. Also, people try out LauderAle, Fort Lauderdale’s first nano-brewery, as it is famous for producing authentic ales centered on local culture.

Florida, being a peninsula, is surrounded by water on 3 sides. Thus, sea life is abundant here, and as a result, there are many renowned seafood delicacies that you could try on your vacation. Gulf shrimp, grouper, mullet, pompano, stone crab, Spanish mackerel, spiny lobsters, and scallops are a few of the dishes from the menu that are already mouth-watering just by reading it.

Thai, Japanese, Indian, Greek, and also Russian delicacies are there for you. And all of the restaurants in the city have proper ratings, so you can trust your gut to fill your belly at almost any restaurant. This amazing blend of food cultures is not to be missed, so fasten your bags and get your cheap Fort Lauderdale vacation packages.x

Getting Around Fort Lauderdale

After getting cheap Fort Lauderdale vacation packages, writing up all the amazing sites and events in your itinerary, and even deciding what to eat, a question looms in the mind: how to get around Fort Lauderdale?

The optimal way to get around Fort Lauderdale is by car. Even though Fort Lauderdale has an extensive waterway network through its canals, sometimes it can get perplexing. If you are in the city for more than a day, then get a rental car and drive up to West Palm Beach and then down to Miami for two polar atmospheres

Another way of having a different and yet another memorable experience is through the water taxis of Fort Lauderdale. The fleet of water taxis traverses the 14 major points of the city, covering most of the city’s sites. But it should be noted that the water taxis are a bit costly, with tickets priced at $28 for an adult and $14 for a child from age 5 to 11. They work daily from 10 in the morning to 10 at night.

We at SKYINFLY offer you a variety of choices when finding cheap Fort Lauderdale vacation packages that might be the most appropriate for you. If you still have a question regarding the Fort Lauderdale vacation packages, you can reach out to us by mail or phone. We are here to help you have a memorable and smoother trip any time you choose to take a vacation.

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